Mutually confirming matches already confirmed by others
Sep 10, 2017
Hi, I couldn't find a way of asking how to use MyHeritage on my laptop. Maybe you could pass this to someone if it's not a normal request. I have received an email from you asking me to 'be kind' to others who have already confirmed a match with my Tree. It includes "You have 147 Smart Matches confirmed by other users, pending your confirmation. " When I follow the link in the email, I get a SmartMatch page with (at the top) "133 people with 151 matches that were confirmed by the other site manager", and the first name has a button with eg, "Review one match", However, when I click this button, I get all the matches for that person, which might be 10 or 20. Is there any way to get just the one match that is waiting, or at least easily identify it in the list of 10/20. I would much prefer to focus on the mutual confs rather than have to spend time on all matches. Thanks. Evan Roe